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the best way to sell your property!

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We are a real estate network that offers the best service for less commission!

Listing/Savings Details

  • Maximum commission is 3% - split 1% listing and 2% selling broker
  • Upfront 'detailed' commission cost.
  • NO additional buyer or seller fees.
  • Savings are based on competitors' 5% (typical) commission.
  • Zipcode Estimated Savings are based on 2% of median/average sale price.
  • Our fee is negotiable
  • Shorter term listing contract - 90-120 days
  • Detailed marketing plan
  • Submission to local MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow.com, ...
  • Professional images, virtual tours, drone tours, ...
  • Professional, prompt and friendly service

Before you list -

  • Do your homework!
  • Ask your lawyer!
  • Ask your accountant!
  • Call Us!
  • Call other brokers!
  • Interview ALL brokers!

  • Ask every broker -

    1. What is the length of their listing agreement?
    2. How much is exact commission/other fees in dollars (versus percentages)?
    3. What is the commission split in dollars for listings and selling brokers?
    4. How much commission in dollars he/she will receive if they sell the property?
    5. How much commission in dollars he/she will receive if another agent sells the property?
    6. What other fees besides the commission are there?
    7. If there are other fees, why?
    8. Can they negotiate their commission and fee(s)?
    9. Can you share their commission/fees with other brokers?
    10. "What if" you find a buyer?
    11. "What if" you purchase a subsequent property through them?
    12. "What if" you want to cancel the listing before expiration?
    13. What is their exact detailed marketing plan?
    14. Can they put ALL of the above in writing?
    15. SELL123.com answers [+/-]

Our Affiliates

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US Markets

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